Eröffnung der Parkanlage und Farbskulpturen der Marktgemeinde Feldkirchen bei Graz
DATUM: So 05. Mai 2019, 9:00 Uhr
ORT: 8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz, Kirchengasse
ERÖFFNUNG: Bürgermeister Erich Gosch

FARBPLASTIKEN – FRAME & DISK von Ernestine Faux als “Bildsetzung” in der Landschaft
Ernestine Faux erweitert Ihr malerisches Werk von meist großformatigen Ölbildern mit ihren Farbplastiken sowie Farbskulpturen und formuliert einen neuen Begriff: „Bildsetzung“. Dreidimensionale Farben in die Landschaft zu setzen ist Ihr künstlerisches Anliegen. Die Grazer Künstlerin führt uns diese visuelle Sensation mit ihren CHROMATISCHEN KOSMOGRAMMEN erneut in der Parkanlage von Feldkirchen vor. Sie lädt zu einem neuen Diskurs zum Thema Farbe und Landschaft ein. Ein Bild wird buchstäblich in die Landschaft gesetzt und wir müssen sofort an die Worte von Paul Cezanne denken, wenn er meint: „Es gibt eine Natur parallel zur Natur…“


Vernissage der Ausstellung, Do 7. Juni 2018, 19:00 Uhr

Eröffnung:  Gernot Rath, Leiter Kunst & Kultur ORF Steiermark,
Klänge und Performance mit Zita Martus, Marianke Goodjans: SOUND OF COLOUR

MIR Museum im Rathaus GLEISDORF 

Rathausplatz 1
8200 Gleisdorf
Tel: +43 (3112) 2601 I


Freitag, 16:00 – 19:00 Uhr,

Samstag 10:00 – 14:00 Uhr und nach telefonischer Vereinbarung mit:

Ernestine Faux: 0664 33 32 306 oder

Die Ausstellung dauert bis 23. Juni 2018

flyer_140x140_fauxErnestine Faux

artmark gallery – LICHTRÄUME

Opening of the exhibition, Friday, 3. February 2017, 19h

Opening: Manfred Makra

Singerstrasse 17 (entrace Grünegasse), 1010 Vienna

The exhibition lasts 4. March 2017 

I am excited to be part of the exhibition at artmark galerie: LICHTRÄUME- I will be presented with 3 works!


print-einladung-wien-1-artmark-jaenner-v02-20170109Ernestine Faux
testErnestine Faux

rka_logo_quadrat_weiss_auf_schwarz_mit_rahmen_156pxErnestine Faux


Gallery OstLicht, 1100 Vienna, Absberggasse 27 (former „Anker“ bakery)

Every day open from 12 to 6 p.m. / as well Saturday and Sunday

The Auction takes place on Monday, 23. January 2017, 6:30 pm

130 art works from Marina Abramovic, Louise Bourgeois, VALIE EXPORT, Rebecca Horn, Ernestine Faux, Martha Jungwirth, Birgit Jürgenssen, Xenia Hausner, Brigitte Kowanz, Maria Lassnig, Eva Schlegel and many more.

catalogue online:


img_5434Ernestine Faux
img_5438Ernestine Faux


Mag. Eva Blimlinger I Director of the Academy of Fine Arts

2015-ff-museumErnestine Faux


2015-ff-museum-img_8621-kopieErnestine Faux


A forward-looking retrospective

1st May to 2nd August 2015 / FF- Museum Kunst & Kultur Groß St. Florian

Keen interest was shown by scores of visitors to the exhibit entitled ‘At Second Glance’. The event launches a successful series of exhibits by FF- Museum Kunst & Kultur Groß Sankt Florian, featuring unusual impressions and details of the museum’s history of events. For the second time, works are on display originating with artists who had been featured in solo shows at the Kunst & Kultur museum in the last twenty years, including Gregor Traversa, Helga Chibidziura, Gerald Brettschuh, Kitty Ackermann, Ernst Fuchs, Ernestine Faux and numerous others.


Ganggalerie St. Salvator, Graz / Opening on 24th April 2013

Under the motto of ‘IN THE NAME OF COLOUR’ Graz artist EF invited the public to an exhibit opening at the Ganggalerie of the St. Salvator Church. The artist was accompanied by Richard Schieder (Kultkultur) and Hans Perstling (Graz University College of Teacher Education). Perstling described two large-format paintings on display in the church’s modern-style nave with the following words: ‘At the same time, depending on how one wishes to see it, the coloured shapes appear to both delineate and to connect and bring forth an expression of life, the way it is both in life and with the message of the liturgy. A work of art would seem to be effective when it succeeds in building a bridge between the artist’s message, the work’s colour language and the individual viewing it.’ More than 100 visitors had the opportunity to physically sense the connection of colour, heaven and earth, through an instrumental musical ‘performance’ of the works.

2013-st-salvatorimg_1788-3Ernestine Faux

2011-flughafen-galerie-graz-img_8889Ernestine Faux




The exhibit entitled BEYOND THE CLOUDS (ÜBER DEN WOLKEN) was officially opened by Feldkirchen Mayor Adolf Pellischek, Andrea Wolfmayr from the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the City of Graz and Robert Angerbauer of the Graz Thalerhof Airport. Visitors thronged into the foyer on the second floor of the Graz Airport Gallery, with collectors as well as a group of the artist’s fans and her friends and family attending the opening event. Andrea Wolfsmayr described an arc spanning the Graz suburb of Feldkirchen and Asia: originating from Feldkirchen, the artist left to spend over 20 years of her life abroad.  Wolfsmayr pointed out the inspiring quality of participating in distant cultures with another way of life, a factor that has strongly influenced the artist and her works. The common thread running through the paintings of E. Faux on exhibit is provided by the colour moods, the studies and moods of the sky as well as chromatic reminiscences of a strange, freer, exotic world in places such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Bali. Most of the large-format works invite viewers to stop and gaze as if themselves travellers to these points. It is up to the viewers and their ability to surrender to the interplay of colours presented by the paintings, to stop for more than a moment and perhaps discover a sense of self-awareness.

2011-flughafen-galerie-graz-img_8911Ernestine Faux


2011-flughafen-galerie-graz-img_8903Ernestine Faux

img_6819Ernestine Faux
img_6814Ernestine Faux




Curator and artist Manfred Makra opens the exhibit KLIM ART ZONEN with the words: ‘Could you say it this way? Ernestine Faux’s works possess a beauty that is allied with a lasting element. This by itself allows her to take up with her works a position at a distance from popular, fleeting trends of the modern Zeitgeist, inviting us on a journey to discover things existentially transcendent. The colour scheme of her paintings appears to be largely determined by the sensory qualities of the colours, by their “conscious presence” and “lasting” quality.’ The numerous guests in attendance equally enjoyed the works of art as well as conversing with the artist, who had travelled from Graz for the event.

file_005Ernestine Faux



Galerie Weberhaus Weiz, Austria / 4th to 26th October 2007

Georg Köhler, Culture Officer of the City of Weiz, opens the KLIM ART ZONEN exhibit. ‘As I observe the changing mood of the sky, or light reflected in the cold, rain, mist, the moon or brilliant sunlight, nature reveals to me new colours that I then apply layer for layer to the canvas. In this way I discover new relationships and encounters with colour, exploring the influences and effects of combining atypical or harmonic hues. Scientists at John Hopkins University claim to have discovered the colour of the light pervading the universe: a pale turquoise. But wherever I look here on earth, infinite permutations of colour waiting to be painted reveal themselves to me. E. Faux

file_010Ernestine Faux

2006-ff-museum-gr-st-florianErnestine Faux



‘The exhibit entitled SHAPE – COLOUR – SOUND (FORM – FARBE – KLANG) brings together two Styrian artists, R. Pichler (sculpture) and E. Faux (painting), who find a common harmony,’ museum director Hannes Weinelt observed, noting the affinity the two artists share for less familiar Asian cultures. Curator Anja Weisi Michelitsch: ‘Ernestine Faux spent many years in Asia and acquired an entirely novel awareness of colour that allows her to build bridges between sound and colour.’ German cellist R. Baubkus provided an improvisation that aptly expressed this harmony in tonal terms.